Cygnet Pool Supplies & Services pool service has been servicing pools for over 40 years so we know pretty much all there is to know about how they work, both domestic and commercial pools.

Trouble shooting is a speciality of Cygnet Pool Supplies & Services however often equipment failure problems can simply be fixed over the phone with one of our friendly staff talking you through the problem, or if you prefer we will arrange to come out to service your pool or spa on site.

Regular On-site Pool Maintenance
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Ongoing 12 Month Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Let the professionals at Cygnet Pool Supplies and Services take care of your pool while you enjoy your investment. We will make sure that your pool is maintained in a professional manner by our fully trained staff.

We will need to do an initial inspection and depending on the condition of the pool itself, the equipment and the pool water, it may be necessary to advise and provide a quotation on any initial maintenance work required to make your pool sparkling, clear and healthy ready for you to enjoy.

If the water is in poor condition we will give you an initial quote to commence regular service. This will be invoiced at our standard rate.

When we have done the initial clean we will then commence with our ongoing regular maintenance. This can be done on an ongoing weekly, fortnightly, monthly or 2-3 monthly visits.

Included in our ongoing visit;

  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Skimming the pool surface
  • Brushing the walls and floor of the pool
  • Emptying the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Checking the pressure on the filter
  • Backwashing and rinsing the sand filter
  • On site manual testing of the pool water and balancing with the according chemicals
  • General check of all filtration equipment, chlorinators and cleaners (reporting any faults if any)
  • Collection of pool water sample for total in-store laboratory electronic analysis

The only additional cost to you is the de-scaling of the salt cell if and when needed, balancing chemicals, algaecide and salt if required.

We will quote you when you are due to have your cartridge filters cleaned or sand changed in your filter. We will also contact you and quote if any equipment is faulty and needs to be replaced.

How easy is that!

All you are required to do is keep an eye on your water level and top up when needed, empty skimmer basket between visits, and make sure the water is filtered on a daily basis as directed by our technician. Check your invoice for any notes the technician may have put on there and respond where required. If something goes wrong between visits please contact us immediately so we can react accordingly.

Please call the office for any further information/cost and fill out one of our 12 month agreements to start your service immediately. Thank you for choosing Cygnet Pool Supplies and Services.